Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

So what is One Tip Wednesday? It's all about organizing your home and keeping your family moving through the many activities we all have each day. I think so many of us have great organization tips and I enjoy sharing some of mine with you and learning from those of you out in blogland.

So grab the One Tip Wednesday button and post a tip you use in your home. It can be anything from how you sort your laundry to organizing your craft supplies to how you handle the paperwork in your home to your handy dandy shopping list.

My oldest started Kindergarten today and getting up early and leaving the house 5 days a week is something I'm really having to adjust to. I am a night owl and don't do well in the mornings. I mean, I REALLY don't like the mornings. I haven't worked full-time in about 8 years, so getting up 5 days a week is something I'm not accustomed to. The past 2 years, he has gone to Pre-K 2 days a week, but that I could handle. So getting up and out the door and to school by 7:55 is going to take some planning and organization for me.

A big part of that is having things ready so that he can get himself ready as much as possible. I created days of the week tags to hang on his clothes for each day of the week. So now, when I say go get dressed, he can just go get the outfit I have labeled for that day.

Each Sunday, I will select his clothes for the week and place them on the lower bar of his closet. By placing them on the bottom, he can get them and get dressed without me ever having to go into his room for the day.
All of his shoes are also hung on the bottom rack, so he can select his shoes or get the pair I've told him to wear. He is also very good about getting dressed all on his own if I have his clothes ready, so I fully expect him to come out of his room some mornings dressed without even being asked.
I made all of the cards with cardstock, printed paper and letters made on my Cricut. I then laminated them so that they would hold up week after week.

I think this system will simplify my life and make our morning rushing out the door much easier and quicker.

Join me - what do you do to keep your home organized?


  1. I like this idea. I need to start setting out clothes for the week. I think that makes the morning go so much smoother. As always, I love your tips.

  2. This is well organized! I tried this with my oldest daughter (minus the really cool hanger tags you made) last year but she always changed her mind what she would wear - girls are picky!


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