Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

As a mom of two boys, dirty clothes seem some days to overtake my house. Up until now, one laundry basket has basically made due. I was able to do laundry often enough that I didn't have to have a lot of places to keep dirty clothes. But that is no longer the case. Although we have a laundry room, we don't have space in that room for much storage because that also doubles as the cats room. So the laundry baskets home is my bathroom - and dirty clothes seemed to be overtaking my bathroom. Once the Once the hamper was full, they ran out and onto the floor. With summer coming and the increased laundry that brings to our house, I knew that was no longer going to work!

After looking around town for a different system that possibly had different compartments and finding nothing I liked, I decided to see if I could find the same (or similar) basket that I've had for a decade. After looking at Wal-Mart and Target, I was really happy to find a white basket at one and a tan basket at the other that were almost exactly like the dark blue basket I already had. I returned and bought both of the new baskets. I used the vinyl available for my Cricut and cut out the words :Darks", "Lights", "Whites" and adhered them to the basket lids. Now my laundry is not on the floor and best of all, it's already sorted when I'm ready to wash. When one basket gets full, I just throw the clothes into the washing machine. And although Kevin pretends to never know which basket to use, the different color baskets have made the system very simple. I can tell Samuel which color basket to put something in and he can help me pickup the dirty clothes in his and Tyler's rooms.

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