Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Tip Wednesday & A Giveaway!

Welcome to One Tip Wednesday!! I would love to have some of you join in and make this a weekly event - and help us all learn new ways to organize our homes and our daily life.

So to kick it off, I'm throwing in a giveaway! Come back next Wednesday and leave a link to your One Tip Wednesday post and you'll be entered to win my prize! It's a great, personalized gift - come back next week and I'll reveal the giveaway prize.

Now on to today's tip:

I've mentioned before about my love for plastic storage tubs. I use them for everything, but one of my favorite uses is storing holiday supplies. Except for Christmas, I have one tub for holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I keep them in the attic, but they are easily grabbed when it's time to decorate. And because I use clear boxes, it's easy to see which one I need. And even easier to send the husband into the attic to retrieve the right one. Also, buy a tub bigger than you need at the time so you will always have room to add other things to your items.

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1 comment:

  1. This is a project in the works for me. Right now things are just on a shelf in the basement but I want to get containers for each holiday. Thanks for the inspiration.


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