Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

So what is One Tip Wednesday? It's all about organizing your home and keeping your family moving through the many activities we all have each day. I think so many of us have great organization tips and I enjoy sharing some of mine with you and learning from those of you out in blogland.

So grab the One Tip Wednesday button and post a tip you use in your home. It can be anything from how you sort your laundry to organizing your craft supplies to how you handle the paperwork in your home to your handy dandy shopping list.

This may be my favorite One Tip Wednesday ever!! Why? Because it was an idea my 5 1/2 year old thought up all on his own. Last week when we were getting school supplies together, I pulled out his pencil box from last year and told him that I'm was going to take it to my friend Amy for her to monogram. He then said, "Can't she just do a new one and I can keep this one to put my Bakugans in. It would be perfect for my Bakugans and cards."

How could I say no to that! Not only was it a great idea, but it made me happy to see that he was thinking about ways to help organize his room.
And he was right, it is perfect! Bakugan does make storage containers for these and we told him that would be a good birthday or Christmas present, but for now, this box works great!
He can easily take them into different rooms of the house to play or throw them in his backpack to take to Grandma's or Mamaw's house or to a friends house.


  1. I love that he thought about that all on his own. You're rubbing off well on him. That is convenient for when he carries them around. Great idea.

  2. Hey there! Looks like I'm late for Wednesday, but let me see what I can get together this weekend, and I'll be posting!

    Don't get discouraged, my first link party was super duper SMALL. I'll try to drum up some of my best tip girls for ya!



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