Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tales of Elvis

Debbie at Dining with Debbie is sharing Elvis Memories this weekend and I couldn't help but write a post! I have two stories that I think people don't believe, but I SWEAR are true!!
My parents grew up in Lee County, Arkansas and my mom grew up just down the road from Elvis's kissing cousins, you know the ones he has a song titled after. My mom's youngest brother dated one of them for a while. On one occasions while my mom was in high school, she was dating a guy who was in a band and he pulled up to the house with some of his buddies. Out of the back came a good looking guy who her boyfriend introduced as Elvis Presley. They stood outside and talked a while before they left. Yes, my mom's boyfriend was in Elvis's first band when they were young and at that time Elvis was nothing more than a guy in the backseat. Eventually, my mom broke up with the boyfriend and he one way or another left the band. Then one day my mom hears this guy Elvis on the radio! Who knew!

The other one is my husbands story. He has been in the bathroom where they found Elvis just before he died. My husband grew up in W. Memphis and his dad works for a fire alarm company. When he was around 9, he went to work with his dad one day and they recieved a call that the fire alarm at Graceland was malfuctioning. As they checked the problems, it ended up to be some wiring in the bathroom of Elvis's bedroom. As a young kid, my husband said he just remembers racks and racks of Elvis's clothes all over the upstairs of Graceland.

Just a couple weeks ago, my in-laws took my oldest son for a tour of Graceland, you can see that post HERE.

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  1. Wow awesome stories!!! I'll take your tour, since I haven't been to Graceland....only 1 1/2 hrs is on our list of things to do, just having a hard time fitting it in!!


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