Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fried Squash

If you're a southern girl, your probably don't need this recipe. But if your North of the Mason-Dixon Line, you may have not had this wonderful summer treat.

Fried squash is one of the best foods of the summer! Get fresh squash if at all possible from a garden or farmers market. If you purchase it at the store, but sure it's firm and not soft.

Wash and cut off the tips on both ends. Slice into medium slices. Don't cut them too then or you'll just end up with burnt crisp of squash.

Toss the squash in a few spoonfulls of corn meal and salt and pepper to taste. It doesn't take much corn meal, just enough to coat each piece.

Fry on medium heat in a shallow pan of oil. Place the squash in one layer and cook until it begins to brown. Flip over and cook the other side. Don't cook too fast or it will just burn.

Remove from the grease and place on a plate covered with a paper towl to collect the extra grease. You can add more squash as you take finished pieces out of the pan, just keep rotating them through until all finished.

Yumm!! I have got to find my way to the farmer's market this week!

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  1. I do need a tip on how to actally get this and fried okra to the TABLE--my family eats it as I take it out of the skillet to drain! Good post!

  2. This looks awfully good. A bit like deep fried zucchini, but more healthy for the body. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  3. Brings back great memories. Haven't had them in a while. Now, I'm wondering why not? I'll have to remedy that soon!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  4. I've always used flour for coating. I'll have to try cornmeal for a nice change!

  5. I use corn meal mix and often add red pepper and garlic to that. Let me know if you try that. Thanks for sharing. We're sharing peanut butter ideas and Elvis stories at I hope you will come join us. Or, join us for Crock Pot Wednesdays. Mister Linky will be ready for that on Tuesday.

  6. I have never fried summer squash, eggplant, but not squash. We have a bounty in the garden I'll have to try it.

    Here is a tip you might like to try.
    I really dislike frying in the house because of the nasty smell and grease all over the kitchen. I take the little fryer and an extension cord to the patio and do my frying on the picnic table.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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