Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Crafty Decor

I am finally getting some of my Christmas Crafts posted! These are all things I've done in the past. I have some things I'm working on now that I'll post soon, but I wanted to share some of my past ideas.

Several years ago, I made about a dozen ribbon boxes to go under my Christmas tree. I hate an empty Christmas tree, both before and after Christmas. It's depressing to me. LOL So back when I had lots of extra time (aka before kids), I made several of these that I use each year. Sometimes we do actually put gifts in them, but I also hide things in them like our Santa hats, so I know where they are but they aren't sitting out.
I used different types and shapes of boxes. My favorites are the ones that are already pretty, like this one below that was gold on the bottom. So I used gold ribbon on the top of the box.
I glued the ribbon with a hot glue gun along one short and one long side. I then basically braded the ribbon together, overlaping it as I went along. Then secured it on each side. I topped them off with matching ribbon bows or with tassles.
For small boxes, I used the boxes my checkbooks come in. I use tiny ribbon. It takes a while, but I think they are pretty.
As part of my craft show items this year, I made these hand etched ornaments. I used my Cricut to cut the letters in vinyl and adhired the negative to the ornament. I then used Armor Etching Cream to etch the glass. Add a ribbon and it makes a very simple, but pretty ornament. I've sold several, but plan to also give them as gifts this year to teachers, friends and others.
A few years ago, I made this Christmas card holder. I used foam board and cut out the shape of the tree. I stapled on a couple layers of quilt batting. I then wrapped brown material on the bottom for the trunk and stapled it along the back. For the tree, I first stapled along the bottom on the underneath and then pulled it up and wrapped it around the tree and stapled along the back. To finish it off, I crisscrossed silver ribbon and stapled it across on the back. As the cards come in, I just slide them under the ribbon.
The majority of my Christmas decor is snowmen. After making a similar jar for halloween with a Jack-O-Lantern, I thought I would try a snowman. I used white tissue paper and decoupaged it onto an empty dill pickle jar. I then used different colors to create the design. I use it as a candle holder and it's pretty when the candle glows through it at night.
And last (but not least - ha!) I got this idea out of a magazine a few years ago.
I used a quilting/crouchet hoop as the frame. I painted it white and then stretched white fabric around the hoop. I then trimmed the fabric around the frame. I glued on button, a pipe cleaner twisted into a little carrot nose and a black hat found in the doll section with a little pick spray attached. Here is a shot of the back.
This year I hung it on my door going into the garage.

To see more great Christmas Crafts, check out the Monthly Craft Challange over at Blue Eyed Blessings!
Check back over the next couple days, I'll be posting all of my Christmas decorating throughout my home and I'll be hosting a giveaway at the end of the week.


  1. All of those are great!! I love how creative your ideas are!

  2. Wow! You have been one busy crafter! I love the ornament idea. I made a cookie jar a few months ago...but I never thought of doing ornaments! The card holder is SUPER cute too!

  3. Woah - look at you!! Such great crafty projects to share. I like the tree Christmas card holder and my house is also full of snowmen at this time of year! Thank you so much for passing along all of this great inspiration and for joining this month's craft challenge.

  4. Wow! I love everything that you did! Thank you for sharing!


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