Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

Today I'm going to share an idea that is not mine, but thought it was a great idea! On our trip a couple of weeks ago, I read the Dugger's, of the TLC show 18 and Counting," book and Michelle talked a lot about her organization. She acquired this system years ago from a book she read about organization when they were preparing to move with 5 or 6 kids. Here's what she did and continues to do today to keep things organized.

She bought file storage boxes, paper ones, not clear so that the kids can't see what's in the box (resulting in them wanting into the box).

Each of the boxes are marked on the end of the box with corresponding colors based on the room. For example, the kitchen with red, the bathroom with blue and so on. The boxes are then numbered.

The next part of the system, and what I think is such a good idea, is the card system. She keeps a file box with index cards for each box. The cards are numbered to match the box and color coded to match the box. Each card list everything that's in that box. So later when she needs something, she can look on her index cards, find the item listed and go to that box to get it out.

She also has a system for marking the cards when she's ready to give an item away or sell it in a yard sell. She initially did this to prepare to move, but has kept using the system for day to day storage. I'm going to implement this system in the fall when my husband and I clean out the dreaded attic.


  1. I have a similar system for the attic stuff. I don't go in the attic, especially to the parts where I'd have to climb over the half wall or walk on the beams. This is great when I want something and I can tell hubby exactly where it is.

    Also with my seasonal storage (Christmas, Fall, Easter, etc.) it's easier to repack everything cause it's labelled where it goes. No guessing how I had everything packed so well.

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! I think I will have to implement this when I go through the attic this fall.


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