Sunday, June 7, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

Kasey at All That is Good is once again hosting Friend Makin Monday. This week's theme is to tell 10 things you love about summer!
1. The summer reading program at our local library and their off-site program on Wednesdays.
2. Trips to the park.
3. Trips to the zoo.
4. The lighter work load at work.
5. Cookouts with friends.
6. The farmers market and all of those great fresh fruits and veges - and better yet, veges from my mom and dads garden.
7. Naps on a hot summer afternoon with the air conditioner running and the ceiling fan on - well, okay I use to get those. But I love the memory!
8. Visiting with friends at hubby's softball games.
9. Long days where we can stay outside until sunset (you don't stay outside here after sunset - mosquito country!)
10. Flip-flops, sandles and Crocks. We get out of the house so much faster when I don't have to put socks, shoes and coats on the boys!


  1. Hey...Happy FMM!!

    We just went to the Zoo last week and we has so much fun...It was nice to not have to rush.

    I also so agree with you about getting hte kids ready faster without having to get socks and shoes on them :)

  2. Hi there! I loved reading your list. I signed my kids up for the Summer reading program too. I love sitting outside with a good book!


  3. Oh yes! Library incentives are wonderful - and flip flops too! :)

    Happy FMM!

  4. Happy FMM!!!

    Isn't summer the best time of year.

  5. So true about the flip flops! They're so easy to put on, and when you don't have to worry about bundling up, it sure saves on time :)

    I love summer!

  6. Great list. We love those slip on is so much faster! A farmer's market just opened near our house and we've been having a blast treating ourselves to all the yummy home-grown stuff!

  7. Hooray for flip-flops! :)

    Just stopping by to say, Happy FMM!!

  8. Great list. I still try and get my naps in if I can. And I love flip flop easy.

  9. Great list! I don't know how I forgot about the FRESH Fruit and Veggies! And so true about flip flops and crocs - SO MUCH FASTER!

  10. Oh yes! Love the Farmers' Market!

  11. Great list! And I'm working on making my fridge look like that so we can re-stock next month! It takes some creativity doesn't it?!

  12. Ohh.. I didn't think about going to The Zoo! Good one.

  13. Hi,
    Loved your list! I agree with it all!
    Love summer!
    Have a great week!


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