Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friend Makin Monday

Today's Friend Makin Monday over at All That is Good is about coming clean. A few confessions are good for the soul.
1. I often feed the boys a waffle on the way to the sitters house rather than getting them up earlier to eat breakfast so that I can sleep an extra 10 minutes. (It's only twice a week!)
2. I often let Samuel fall asleep in his bed while watching Scooby Doo. Isn't that a terrible habit to start at 5!
3. I'm already REALLY dreading Samuel starting kindergarten because I know I'm going to have to get up early every day to take him.
4. Tyler is 20 months and I still often put him in the swing to fall asleep. He can actually turn it on and climb in himself. I know it's time to put it up, but he likes it!
5. I ate at Burger King 3 times in 8 days last week. Not my choice, it just happened. It won't happen again!


  1. Hi there! Nice to meet you- cute blog!

    I used to dread the "early mornings" that were going to start once my kids got to school age, but now that it is summer, I kinda miss them- I was so much more productive with early mornings!! You'll get used to them, I promise!!

    Have a great week!


  2. Loved your list! I am very guilty of #1 and #2! And they were things I swore I would never do...of course I said that before I even had kids!

    Happy Monday!

  3. So guilty of number 1. I also have a Samuel and number 3 made my heart hurt for you.. I don't think I will ever be ready.

  4. Your confessions are awesome! your son can climb into the swing by himself...that cracks me up!

    I looked at some other posts and the fried okra looks so yummy! I love that stuff! my dad fries it up for us every year. have a great day!

  5. Burger King is a like a black hole that just sucks you in, isn't it? :) I'm sure you'll do better this week!

    Great confessions...happy FMM!

  6. One of the reasons I love summer is that I don't have to get up early to get my kids ready for school! I guess I'm just lazy at heart! Happy FMM!

  7. The 20 month old in the swing - that's so cute that he can turn it on by himself!

    I am not looking forward to getting up to take all my kids to school either, BUT I will happily do it as I have just finished 5 years of homeschooling and I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet!!!

  8. I love your adorable blog. I can't imagine waking up early to bring children to school. It's hard enough making myself wake up, and that's not even early by most standards!

    And I used to love Scooby Doo..just saying!

  9. Great list! I'm totally guilty of those things too. I think sometimes I value convenience a little more than I should! lol

  10. love your list! it sounds to me like you like sleeping in! :o)

    your blog is absolutely adorable!

    stop by my blog for a fun giveaway!

  11. BK is oooooo good!

    Happy FMM!

  12. I had BK twice in 3 days. I understand.


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