Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday - Snow II

Last week I posted several pictures from out big snow we received here in Arkansas last week. This is a continuation of those photos, with a more nature photography feel. I love to shoot nature, but have the opportunity near as often now that I'm usually focusing on my two boys. But I love it when I get the chance!

As I type this, we have another 6" on the ground outside. I can't remember ever really having a winter where we had two large snowfalls - 7" inches that we had during this snow is a very rare occurrence here in Arkansas - much less to have them less than 2 weeks apart. This has truly been a winter unlike many here have ever seen. And of course I shot some more photos today - I'll be posting those next week!

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  1. Beautiful wintry scenes, you captured awesome reflections in the drops.

  2. I adore the ice captured in a tree branch image the best. What a sight! All your wintery scenes are fantastic!
    Joyce, IL, USA

  3. Fantastic shots! Such clarity.

    ~ Tracy


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