Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Angels & Monkeys

We had our first (and maybe only) snowfall of the season this past week. We were hoping for 2-4 inches, but only got about an inch. But here in the south, that's good enough for a snow day! Yes my friends to the north, that's enough to close the schools! Actually, the little bit of sleet that fell just before the snow was part of that too. The roads were pretty slick and we get such little winter weather here, most people just aren't experienced snow/ice drivers! Not only that, we were out the next day too because it was too cold to go to school! The temps were in the single digits in the morning with below 0 windchills. Again, I know that's crazy to you in the north, but honestly - it was cold! LOL All kidding aside, our buildings and heating systems here aren't made the same way of those in the north. Our school buses are also not made the same and many of the school districts said they would have had to run the buses 3-4 hours prior to starting routes to make sure they were warm enough for students. But to those laughing at us here in the south, come join me in early August when it's 98 with about 90% humidity and we'll see how long you'll last!

Although we didn't get enough snow to build a snowman, it was still good angel making snow. My 6 year old made this one.
And his friend from school made this one. When he layed down to make it, his momma said, "Make sure it doesn't have horns!" When he stood up, look what also appeared! We were cracking up about it.
And this is my little monkey playing in the snow.

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  1. How cute, I just love that snow monkey!

  2. What cute Snow Angels! I've enjoyed our snow this year, better than that ice we had last year!


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