Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Things Loved In June

I saw this great idea over at Kelli's blog Outside My Kitchen Window to post about all the things you loved the month before. The host of this blog fair is All Things G&D.

1. We started out the month with our 10th Anniversary Trip. It was a great time to reconnect and spend some time together away from our busy lives.  

2. Vacation Bible School is always one of the best parts of our summer. I wasn't able to help much this year, but Samuel had a great time!

3. Time to play! After the cool and wet spring and two weeks of scorching temps, it is finally a respectable 90 degrees, allowing us the last few days of June to get outside and play and go to the park's splash pad.

4.  A little more time to read! I love to read, but have such little time to read much more than Goodnight Moon. In June however I read:
One my my best girlfriends, Kelly, gave me this book months ago and I have very slowly read through it. I was finally able to finish the last few chapters. It's a really good read for any woman and I think it would be great for high school aged girls to read.
I have been a "fan" of the Duggars since their show first came on TLC and I had been wanting to read their book for a while. It was a quick read and had some good advice about parenting. While I don't desire to have 18 children myself, I respect their values a great deal and think they have such loving and giving hearts. And they're fellow Arkansans!
I haven't gotten very far into this book yet, but have enjoyed it so far. Ronda Rich is a favorite author of mine and I've had the opportunity to meet her on two occasions. She's funny and easy to relate to as I myself am a true southern girl.

I just picked this one up the last few days of June and am looking forward to reading it. Best of all, it was 1/2 off at Lifeway and was only $5.59. A cheap summer read.

5. Work slows way down in June and July, which is always great! Here's my column from June: Occasional Comments

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