Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

Organizing a kids closet, or room for that matter, can make any mom crazy. As Samuel has gotten bigger, so have the toys and the size of those toys. As a person who likes organization, I don't like toys all over my kids rooms. It actually drives me crazy. While they are playing, sure, go at it. But the remainder of the time, I like to be able to see the floor! After looking at a couple of different options, I decided this drawer system places in his closet would work well. At first I just had one (each has 3 drawers), but when he moved to his big boy room, I added a second one.
This system works great! Samuel knows which toys are in what drawer and they are organized by the types of toys. The top drawer is small games and puzzles, the second drawer is a collection of small toys, the third is his Planet Heros, the forth is his Hot Wheels city, the fifth are cars and trucks and the bottom drawer are electronic type toys.

And what I like most about this system is that when he wants to play with something, I can pull out that entire drawer and set it in his floor or in the living room and when he is finished, he just loads everything back into the drawer and I put it back up.

The remainder of his closet is mostly tubs of other toys. The large one at the bottom houses his Thomas the Train Lego set (about to be Tyler's set). The rest are legos, Hot Wheels and other small toys that I don't enjoy stepping on in the middle of the night.

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