Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

One last thing from Samuel's room. I like to have things easily accessible and ready to go at a moments notice. Thus, I have lots of bags! Hanging on the inside of each of Samuel's closet doors are the bags he needs for school, church and quick summer trips. School mornings, I always know where his backpack is and its ready to go when I hang it on the hook. The bag behind it is our summer bag. It has sun screen, Samuel's swim suit, a towel, sunglasses and everything else we need to be outside. So if we decide late morning to head to the park or the nature center, I don't have to rush through the house to gather things, I just grab the bag and we go. And if we're at the park and Samuel decides he wants to go to the splash park, I have his swim suit handy. This bag was a life saver for me last summer!

On the other side is his church bag. It has crayons, coloring books a small Etch-sketch, kleenex, wet wipes (learned this through experience) and snacks. It's always ready to go and we just grab it before heading out the door to church on Sunday night.

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