Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

For months I had the constant struggle of picking up shoes in Samuel's room. We kept them stacked by his bedroom door, but that usually resulted in a big messy pile. I had thought about buying some type of shelving or installing something into his closet, but one day while hanging up clothes, it occured to me that I could hang his shoes as well. Using the loop on the back of his shoes, I slide it over the hooks on the hanger and hang them on the bottom rack of his closet (which we were not using). It keeps the shoes neat and tidy and he can reach them when we need them.

His flip flops will slide right onto the hanger as well.

In addition, I can hang his bicycle helment by the straps from a hanger. Inside are his knee and elbow pads. Again, he can easily get them when needed, but it keeps everything neat and tidy in his closet.

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