Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Tip Wednesday

I have been thinking for 2 or 3 weeks about starting some sort of weekly blog about organizing. I have finally decided to do One Tip Wednesday. Each week I will post a tip about how I organize something in my home. If you like, grab the button and use it on your blog with a link back to mine, and tell about how you organize that same area of your home, or something different. Some weeks I may ask for tips on how to organize something I'm working on.

I thought a good place to start would be my pantry. Some of you know I have a love for Tupperware products. I sold Tupperware about 8 years ago, so I have a great supply of storage containers from them. They are my lifesaver when it comes to my pantry and even fridge.
The forth shelf of my pantry is nothing but Tupperware storage. I have all of my staples like sugar, flour, corn meal, brown sugar, tea bags, oatmeal, brown rice, white rice, barley and cereal in the containers. These make it easy for me to access them and scoop or pour out what I need while keeping them air tight.

This is just a shot of the back of that same shelf so you can see how many I have on that one shelf.

On a lower shelf, I have containers with snack items like Cheerio's, party mix and Cheese-It's so they are easy access for Samuel and we can eat directly out of the boxes and then easily put them away. While I no longer sell Tupperware, I do still have a source for ordering it through my old director in Little Rock. Let me know if you ever need/want anything.

While my pantry looks pretty full, it's usually very easy to find easily find anything and saves me lots of time in the kitchen.

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